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Digitilization is a Need

The world in 2020 has changed a lot. With a lot happening around us, it has become harder for businesses to survive. Many businesses have failed due to the lockdown and pandemic. You need to adapt the new techniques if you want your business to survive. In simpler words, you need to adapt the digitalization and move from offline shops to the eCommerce websites.


Why Time has changed

Amid this global pandemic, there are many limitations. As the borders are sealed, companies can’t import products from other nations. Also, due to lockdown, the sales have gone down. It has become a global cash problem as many services are paused. Many industries have faced a ton of loss and many companies are closed due to this situation.

So, what’s the solution? It’s to adapt to the new digitalization.


 What is Adapting “The New” – Digitalization

Digitalization is not ONLY about creating a website. Instead, what you need to do is move most of your business operations online. It includes selling online via an eCommerce website, collecting payments online, communicating, and interacting with the customers using online software, marketing business Online, etc.

It’s not just about safety but it will also help you in increasing your business. Let’s talk more about it.

How does Going Online help?

What are the advantages of digitalization or why should I do a complete digital transformation for my business? Learn below the answer to questions that will come to your mind.

A. Increase your Reach

When you go online, your target audience or potential customers increases. You are now targeting a global audience instead of local. So, it will increase the reach. As you are selling at a global level, you can also expand your business to new cities, states, or even countries. More people will find your eCommerce website as you are at a global level.

B. Improvised and Effective Communication

Digitalization will not only help you communicate at a lower cost but it will also help you interact with your customers more effectively. Though there is no human face involve at the customer front, still Online Business has many tools and options to effectively communicate with their website visitors or customers. You can answer their query during their Online Purchase Journey. Real-Time chat when they are viewing a particular product or page creates more sales. Many free tools like WhatsApp Messenger, FB messenger, Tawk.To software are available that can be easily integrated into your website. Some plugins like FB messenger also have AI Bot to answer many common questions of visitors even when you are offline. Not only on the frontend you can also communicate effectively with your technical, sales, and other support staff. You can send files, images, and other things to your team. Also, you can assign tasks and see the overall progress in your dashboard. There are many tools like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Team to do this kind of amazing stuff. Some of the tools will help to communicate with customers and offer them better support.

C. Allows you to opt for Online Payments and go cashless

Retailers Moving Online to take Orders

An eCommerce website is just about selling stuff online, you can also accept payments online. It’s easy to integrate and the money will directly be transferred in your bank account. The best thing here is that you will get the payment in advance. So, your cash flow will keep going and you can scale up the business fast. You can add multiple payment methods like Credit Cards, Net Banking, PayU, Cash on Delivery, Paytm to make things easier for your customers.  Most eCommerce website builder offers Online Payment Solutions for Online Store hence you can easily add fast checkout to your Shopping Page.

D. Easy Ordering and Delivery Options

Shipping and Door delivery option

It just takes a few clicks for a customer to place an order. There are multiple delivery options that you can offer. You can allow your customers to choose any options as per your wish. For instance, you can offer different delivery options like Free Shipping, Amount wise Shipping, Schedule Delivery, or depending on the location you can let our customers choose any. You can offer fast delivery as well as regular delivery where fast delivery will invite extra charges. Many Shipping providers like ShipRocket can be integrated into your eCommerce websites.

E. Effective Data Analysis to Market your Business

Data analysis is an important part that most businesses ignore. Regular checks will keep your website healthy. It includes checking out monthly reports about the sales, new customers, retaining customers, inactive customers, and many more. You can get a tool and filter out the data to make the analysis faster and more in-depth. Further, you can also sort the data. You can check the weekly, monthly, yearly, or even custom data where you can enter the start date and end date. Analyzing the in-depth report will help you improve your product and scale up your business.  Google Analytics is one such platform that offers free analysis for a website.

How does MoreCustomersApp fit In

Looking ahead to the above benefits, there are many eCommerce solutions available in the market. MoreCustomersApp is one such eCommerce platform for small and big businesses. As stated above benefits, provides all the necessary ingredients to create Online Store. Entrepreneurs can easily create Online Store by the simple registration process. It provides custom domain integration, multiple payment solutions, custom Shipping options along with Analytical Dashboard. Along with these, there are many nice in-built features and apt PlugIns to the market e-store.


To conclude, this is how you can adapt digitalization or digital transformation. The aim here is to move most of the business operations online including selling and collecting payments. You can surely start with slow and then gradually increase the digitalization. It is now no longer is a choice but a necessity. You will need to start selling online if you want your business to survive post-pandemic.


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