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Smartphone product photography

We all by now know the importance of eCommerce Product Photography and that too in the eCommerce world. 80% of website Visitors would place orders online for Clear, Mobile optimized, and stunning product photos. Earlier we discuss what parameters are important for Product Photos. Today where a lot of business is done on smartphones, then why not explore Smartphone Photography for your Online Store Development?

Materials Require for Good Product Photo

If you want to have a professional photograph of your product, you can also do it with your smartphone. You will need a few things like tape, foam core, a table, a window, a smartphone with a camera (of course), and a white poster for your background. You can surely alternatives if available.

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How to Use SmartPhones for Product Photography

At first, you can find the perfect spot for product photography near the window to get a perfect eCommerce Website Design. Place the table exactly near it to make the stage of your studio. We will now use the white poster for the background. On the table, you can also place a white poster. Place the foam core around the studio to make a small box-type environment. Thereafter, you can use your smartphone to click the photos. You can also use lighting to make the images better. In most cases, the window light will do the work. You can tilt the camera to have perfect lighting.

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