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Need Better Product Descriptions? Address Emotion, Logic

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The best way to write better product descriptions is by address the emotion and logic together. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Firstly, you can start with changing the sensory words. For that, you can start by adding a word that will attract the customer. Chocolate could have words like silky, sweet, thick, etc to attract customers.

Social proof is extremely important these days. This will allow people to trust your brand and order from you. Further, you also need to address real-world issues if your product can do that. You can show them how your product can be used in real life.

Most people will just see the images or the description before they buy the product. So, have high-quality product photography and make sure that the product description is bullet points.

Tips and tricks for saleable Product Descriptions for your eCommerce website is a detailed article from MoreCustomersApp. But we also found a nice piece of content from Practical Commerce to highlight more on how addressing emotions and logic brings a better Product description for our products to sell on the website.

Building an attractive Product Page is the driving force for any eCommerce store. After HomePage which is a landing page for any website, the Product Page is the most viewed page according to google analytics. Any Online Store owner, who wants to increase sales should create an impressive and attractive Product page that has a better and clear product description, product image,s, and simple checkout process.


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