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Benefits of having Multiple Payment Gateway on Your Online Store

It has become crucial have to have multiple payment gateway integrations on your eCommerce store. Gone are the days when you could simply use one payment gateway and it would do the work. We will see why you need multiple online payments and how it will be beneficial for you.

Why we need Payment Gateway

It’s important to have multiple gateways because of many reasons. You always want to make sure that the user gets all the facilities. One of the comforts for a user is easy online payments. If you have more than one payment gateway, your users can easily select the best one and make the payment.


What is a multiple Payment Gateway?

Digital Payments are picking up and with Covid’s situation, it has scaled up. Multiple payment gateways simply mean that the eCommerce store has multiple ways of payment. One payment gateway like PayPal might accept credit and debit cards whereas the other like RazorPay might also accept wallets. In this way, you can accept any mode of payment. In this way, you will be in benefit and make more sales in the end.


Benefits of Multiple Payment Gateway

We will see what are the benefits of taking multiple online payments

1.Make Shopping Easy for Customer

It’s all about making shopping the experience easiest for the customers. When there is more than one payment option, users can easily choose the best payment gateway they want. In this way, they will have better comfort in making the payments. Some payment gateways are easy to use whereas it takes time to make the payment in a few of them. You can make the process easier.


2.Geographical Coverage

The next is geographical coverage. Some of the countries have their payment mode. Just like in India, UPI is the most used mode of payment, there are many other payment modes in different countries. Having multiple gateways will solve this issue. Some of the payment gateways will be accepting the UPI whereas some payment gateway might be accepting other modes of payment which is applicable in a specific country. In this way, you can bring sales from every country to your eCommerce store.


3.Shoppers get their own Choice of Payment Method

In an eCommerce store, the choice is the main part. You need to give choices to the customers at all the places possible. Some people might want to pay using a credit card whereas some people might want to pay using an online wallet. In this case, you can easily use multiple payments to make things easier and faster.


4.Business Flexibility

Flexibility is the important part. It won’t happen but still, what if you have some problem with a particular payment gateway? In this case, you can surely use online payments from other gateways. In the end, your eCommerce store will be running without any issues even if you are facing some issues with one payment gateway. It makes your business more flexible for you as well as for the users.


5.Data Security and Backup

Data security is the most important criteria for online payments. Customer safety and security are the main criteria. Apart from Data security, having multiple payment gateways create a sense of security for customers. Like we mentioned, what if you have some error in one of the gateways? In this case, you will surely have a backup that you can use.

To conclude, this is why you can use multiple payment gateways on your eCommerce store. Taking online payments using multiple ways has been a need more than a want. eCommerce Platform like MoreCustomersApp does offer their customers multiple payment gateway setups on their Online Store. Therefore, you surely have to implement this if you want to increase sales. If you have customers from other countries, make sure you have added a payment gateway where the country’s domestic transfer is enabled.

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