Facebook makreting mistake we should avoid

Facebook marketing is drastically different from traditional marketing. Facebook is getting a stronger medium of marketing with time. It is one of the most used social media and there is no restriction for businesses to expand their brand with its pages.

Driving organic traffic, increase post engagement, running contests are some of the many things we can do on Facebook. However, There is a scope of mistake while doing social media marketing that could hold us back.

In this post, I share six common Facebook marketing mistakes that marketers tend to make.

1. Incomplete information on your FB business page –

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Have you ever visit a brand page that didn’t feel its details completely? It feels like left in the middle of something right? Surely you don’t want your visitors to feel the same.

The Facebook business page is the first thing to get information and to contact for your visitors, and there is famous quote “The first impression is the last impression”. So, Try to make a solid first impression! It is important that you should provide all the needed information to your audience. Your business page should have working hours, Store address, contact details, website URL, Photos and whatever you find important for your audience.

2. Focusing only on ‘Likes’ –

Get more likes on facebook

Definitely, Getting likes for your post is important. More likes means more people watched your post. But winning likes is the initial step, To get the output you have to make your you are reaching the right audience or potential customers. If your follower “like”, “comment” and “share” your post, then they are your brand advocate who are promoting your brand for free.

it’s also important that post shared on particular days get more engagement. According to  Buddy Media research, engagement rates for Facebook posts are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday. So, create calendar strategically to post the content and get higher engagement with few posts.

3. Too much promotion –

Social media is all about communicating with your followers and being social. People do not very fond of promotional post. If you are spending your whole time in a promotion, then you might lose your followers and their response. Followers on Facebook is looking for much more than only a promotional post. They use Facebook to get information about your brand and to connect with you. Its obvious your brand needs output and more sell but you shouldn’t overdo it.

People use Facebook for entertainment and to interact with like-minded people. So you should find an innovative to promote your brand, which inspires your followers to get connect with you.

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4. Failing to attend your follower’s comment or messages –

 Failing to attend your follower’s comment or messages

A single person can’t be good at everything and also can’t be present everywhere and even 24*7 in one place. That means sometimes unknowingly you neglect your FB account, which can have many consequences on your brand and it keeps your potential customers away.

Your followers always expect revert to their positive or negative comment or a reply to their message or queries within a certain time, or else your followers lose interest in your brand. The best way to handle social media properly is hiring a dedicated team. Also, automation is the way to free up your time and make sure your followers know when will you be on Facebook to respond them.

So either you can hire someone or handle your page by your own to ensure you are giving your 100% to handle your FB account. Take care of not leaving FB page unattended for too long.

5. Saying No To Paid Advertisement –

Paid advertising should not be the only way to achieve goals for your social media marketing efforts, but it still plays a crucial part in your strategy. Paid advertisement drive more sales and leads to your business. With more than 2.32 billion active users and 60 million active business page, paid advertisement is the most effective way to show your post on top of the news feed. You can also target the right audience based on your choice.

People Spend an Average of 35 Minutes every day on Facebook, So try to utilize Facebook for your business advertising. Of course, there is a possibility of not getting a proper outcome of your efforts if you don’t structure your campaign properly. Take your time to research the content of your post based on your target audience.

6. Marketing without measuring –

This applies to every marketing strategy. It’s not only limited to Facebook marketing. In fact, many businesses either ignore or simply don’t understand the importance of metrics for your marketing success. Data and numbers are the most important thing to get the proper outcome and running fB page effectively.

Facebook insights will help you to understand the performance metrics of your post and help you to make proper decisions about what kind of post and content your fans are interested in. Learn to understand your FB page data, so you can improve and achieve your business goals.

Conclusion –

Facebook marketing is about finding new opportunities to expand your brand without any geographic barrier. The thing you need to keep in mind is to share the information or post

using the latest features provided by Facebook and that work in favor of your business.

In doing so, Just avoid the common mistakes that most of the marketers make which are explained above.

You are all set to do Facebook marketing.

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