Facebook Marketing Strategy

Strategy to boost your eCommerce Business

To start a Social media marketing the first question arises in anybody’s mind is the effective and best social media platform for business sales and revenue.

Facebook is the second business website for your business and most used social media platform. There are more than 2.27billion monthly active users on Facebook.

Facebook often serves as a first touchpoint for your audience to find the information they’re looking for. For your business, Facebook is unavoidable if you’re truly trying to make your presence online.

Your Facebook Marketing Strategy has to be unique. There are plenty of customers you can reach on Facebook. There are seven essential steps for a Facebook Marketing Strategy to not only get started but also create an impressive plan. Get started now.

1. Leverage the Current Traffic to Your Site –


It is essential to have a website or online store for every business. It will serve as a storefront, where people buy your product and learn more about your products and service. You can easily leverage the website traffic by visible and clickable social media icon which directs your existing traffic to your social media pages eg. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube LinkedIn etc. you will make sure that you will display social media icon, where they can be easily seen.

2. Use Images and Videos for Your Content Updates 

Use images and video in Content

People are so overloaded with information these days that they naturally attract toward things that are easy to understand. For example post with photos receive approx 50% more engagement then post with large reading content. You can also make images with quotes related to your industry, infographics images.

A video is the most effective marketing tool right now, and if you are willing to be in the video, then you can build trust with your audience, which is more effective than any other form of marketing.

You also can Put Call-to-action button on your post eg. shop now, sign up, book now and divert your potential customers to a website.

3. Integrate your website with Social Media Sharing –

Integrate Social Media Profiles on your Website

As sharing the individual product on social media is time taking process. there is an Online store builder app like MoreCustomersApp which gave features for direct sharing a product from the website or within an app on linked social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest with a single click.

You can also write the content related to your post before sharing. It is a full suite of marketing tools which helps your E-Commerce business to scale rapidly & profitably. Also integrating social media sharing buttons on the product of your website makes it easy for your visitors to share your website pages and product.

Once a person shared your post on Facebook and other social media, their friends can easily see those posts on their Facebook profile and news feed. And they can also share, which make a repeated process. This will help you to increase website traffic.

4. Use Facebook Ads –

It is a paid campaign, but investing in Facebook ads will give your business a profit especially for a startup or a small business.

Facebook ads aren’t expensive as you think; Once you start creating Facebook ads you will get the best conversion that can impact your followers and revenue and growth of your business. Consistent testing of the output of your ads is necessary once you use them.

It also help you create your campaign depending on the output or goal you want.

Facebook Page Engagement— when people perform actions on your Page (Ads that boost your posts and increase post clicks, likes, comments, shares, photo view.

Facebook Page Likes— Ads that increase like on the facebook page and indirectly build your audience on Facebook

Clicks to Website— Ads that direct your visitors to your website

Website Conversions— Ads that promote actions that a people to take on your website such as sign up, add a product in cart etc.you’ll need a conversion tracking pixel to measure an output of your campaign.

App Installs— Ads that increase the number of install in your app

App Engagement— Ads that help you increase actions in your app

Event Responses— Ads that promote your event

Offer Claims— Ads to promote offers you created for example percentage off, amount off, free giveaway

Facebook organic post targeting allows you to narrow down the audience and get the precise result by displaying the post or ads to the people who actually want to see your post. This will increase the chances of engagement for the post.

You can target the audience for your post by Gender, Relationship Status, Education, Age, Location, Language, Interests

5. Think Outside the Box and Create Facebook Contest –

Everybody is on Facebook! So, If you’re already on facebook but don’t have many followers, interaction and engagement with your users, then you can attract them and create an engagement and brand awareness with the help of creating an event and Facebook contest.

People love contest and free stuff. Doing a Facebook contest for your fans will give you higher engagement scores and the mindsets about your customers and you get the opportunity to know about your customers likes or dislikes. A simple “caption-this-photo” contest can get in 5.5 times more response than regular posts.

You can reward the winner of your contest with the product, free service or consultation etc. also you can promote those facebook contest to get more engagement and activity. That is Facebook Marketing Strategy which will help you in increasing sell.

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