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SSL has become a crucial thing for a website, blog, or eCommerce Business. If you are not using it on your Online Store, you are missing out a lot. In this article, we are going to see all the things you need to understand about SSL.


How do you know your website is secure or not?

Browser with SSL

You can simply open your website, if it shows HTTPS in the front of your website then the SSL is enabled else you might want to add it.


What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL certificate will encrypt the data that is being sent between a web browser and the webserver. In this way, customers are allowed to send their sensitive data without any worry of third parties seeing or taking data.


How SSL works

SSL Certificates uses two cryptographic keys for encryption and decryption. In technical terms, it will encrypt the public and the private key to ensure that the TLS handshake is safe.  When a user sends a request to the server, the application will use the public key to encrypt the message. The server receives the message and decrypts it using the private key. This will ensure security. For example, when a customer makes a payment on your website, he will give his credit card information to complete his order. If your site has an SSL certificate installed, it takes the information and gets encrypted by a public cryptographic key during transmission. It then gets decrypted by a private key as soon as it reaches the server, allowing your website to process the payment without exposing it to any unauthorized persons.


Why your website needs SSL

1.Accept Payment Securely

If you are planning to accept payments online, you will need SSL on your website for privacy protection. This will make sure that the payment data is safe. Further, some of the payment gateways won’t allow you to use the payment until you have SSL enabled. If you are using an embedded payment gateway, it becomes a must-have thing. Without this, you won’t secure your website.

2.User Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is the big reason why you need to use SSL. When you are using it, no other person can steal the data from your website. In this way, your website will be secure for the people.

3.Better SEO

We all know How SEO impacts our website traffic. Search engines have made it pretty clear from past many years that they won’t rank the website that doesn’t have SSL. therefore, if there are two websites, one of them has enabled and the other one doesn’t have the same, Google and all the other search engines will prioritize the website that has SSL enabled.


4.Builds Trust and get Better Conversion

When a person opens your website, they will see a “secure” sign on the website. This will ensure that the payments are done or the data sent on this website is safe. Whereas, if the SSL is not enabled, they will see a “not secure” sign instead. You surely don’t want your visitors to tell you that your website is not secure. Therefore, you can surely use it for security. This will increase the conversion as well.



To summarize, mainly, it’s for privacy protection and security. It will also be used at many other places such as SEO and gaining trust. You can surely start using it if you don’t already have it on your website. If you are not yet using it, you will surely miss out a lot. Many eCommerce Platforms like MoreCustomersApp give SSL free to your Online Store.

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