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ShipRocket - Shipping Solutions for MoreCustomersApp ecommerce Sellers

Shipping is always an essential part of any eCommerce business. As an online seller, you need order fulfillment and tracking software that automates inventory management, order synchronization, packing, shipping, and tracking processes. Automatic Order Tracking solution is incredibly valuable to online merchants, whether they self-fulfill orders or use a Third Part provider like ShipRocket.

Many start-ups or small/local sellers use Free Shipping or Self Fulfill order process. COD Orders have their own benefit. But the most successful merchants use good shipping solutions to differentiate themselves from their competition and increase margins. Having an integrated shipping solution for your online store lets you and everyone in the pipeline know what’s going on as part of the whole process of Order fulfillment.

ShipRocket is India’s Biggest Shipping Software Solution. MoreCustomersApp has now become a channel partner with them. Now MoreCustomersApp sellers can easily integrate ShipRocket’s Auto order tracking system with their eCommerce website. Let us learn How to use it with the MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Platform.

How ShipRocket works with your eCommerce business

Start Shipping in just 3 steps

1. Open an Account

Register on ShipRocket with appropriate information about your business and choose the plan as needed. Complete all details on the platform along with PickUp location as it is important for integration on the MoreCustomersApp Web Admin panel.

shiprocket pickaup address

2. ShipRocket Integration with MoreCustomersApp

Login in to your MoreCustomersApp Web Admin Panel. Go To Apps/Plugin and Select ShipRocket Auto Tracking Module. Click Activate and Add Registered UserName and Password. Click Get PickUp Location. Once it is done your integration is complete.

Shiprocket integration to MoreCustomersApp

Before order integration, you need to add Product Dimension under Edit Product>Courier Charges for all of those products that you wish to ship with Shiprocket.

Edit Product Dimensions for Shiprocket

After editing products, now your integration is complete

3. Order Processing

Customers will be given preference on CheckOut for the delivery of their orders. Notification for the same is in your website admin panel as well as in the Shiprocket order section. Manage the shipping from your Shiprocket panel as you can see the options of  SHIP NOW as well as CREATE INVOICE.

ShipRocket Dashboard

Now order processing will be from ShipRocket. After receiving tracking details, share them with the customer. You can even notify them with email/SMS as order status changes to DISPATCH.

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