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Product Filters - Important for Online Store

When you are running an Online Store it is necessary to have the widest selection of your products. More the products better are chance for the visitor to look for a particular brand or size or type. But it becomes complicated and confusing if they are not able to find out easily what they are looking for. Product filters are one of the important things you need to have if you are running an online shopping store. It will help you in increasing the sales and reaching good levels. We will see some of the reasons why your online store needs it. Before that, we will begin with the most basic thing that many people aren’t knowing. We will see what are product filters before we get into why they are necessary.

What are Product filters?

Product filters are filtering options that help the user in choosing the right product according to their need. For example, if a person is shopping for a mobile phone and they only want to go with a phone with 6 GB RAM, they can sort it with the help of product filters. There are many filters you can add as per your requirement and your store niche.

All the online shopping websites have filters. They are usually seen in the sidebar or on the top bar. Users can filter out the product and see the one that they need. In this way, they will save some time. You can set any type of filter as per your need. More the filters, better the sales. People also have categories on the filters where a single category might contain multiple filters.

product filter on jewelry site

Why product filters are needed

Now, we come to the main point. We will see why you need them. Product filters are great for online shopping, here are the reasons. There could be many more depending on the niche you are in.

  • It will allow your customer to find the perfect product with ease.
  • It will increase the sales as people will save their time. They don’t need to explore the entire website to find their favorite product.
  • They might also find a better alternative that is costing them more.
  • Some of the products are just hidden in your online shopping store. In simpler words, they have very few number sales as they are not visible to the people directly. If they use product filters, you will start getting sales for that product too.
  • It will increase user experience and user convenience. People only buy from the store which is convenient to them. So, you will see more sales.
  • Product filters will allow people to choose the best product which they need. This will decrease the number of refunds and increase the number of sales. If they like the product, they will surely buy from you more. That’s another reason why you should have product fitters.
  • Search Engines optimization – We all know how SEO is important for any website. Search engines like Google monitor how quickly and easily your customers move around your site. As filters help locate customers their product of choice in no time. It reduces bounce and abandon rates, these factors are noticed by google.


Many good eCommerce Platforms like woocommerce, ecwid, MoreCustomersApp provides better product filtering option. The place important filters on sidebar. Multiple choice filters are available. A certain platform like MoreCustomersApp also gives filters on categories and variants.



To summarize, these are some of the reasons why you need product filters. Product filters will allow the user to sort the products and remove the odd ones out. Having product filters in your online shopping store will increase sales. As it increases the user experience, users are more likely to buy from you. You will see an increase in sales. If they don’t find the perfect product, they will not buy anything. Therefore, you can surely go with the product filters.

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