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Pinterest Marketing – Promote Your Online Store with Pinterest

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is the photo-based social networking boards that you can use. If you are not using Pinterest for your online eCommerce store marketing, you are missing out so much.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image sharing website where you can see other people’s images and connect with them. They have a board where the user can pin their favorite images. You can view the board where you will see all the images in there. You can also share GIFs and small videos here. Different boards will help you group the images. The board is called Pinboard. You can add one or more images on a single board. The user will see all the images when you add them.

Why Use Pinterest?

There are many reasons you should be using Pinterest. Among all the reasons, the first reason is because of the SEO. When you add a link to your website on Pinterest, Google will treat it as a do-follow link. In simpler words, a link in Pinterest will help you in ranking better.

Pinterest has so many users who are mainly there for style and to look for different ideas. So, they are more likely to buy from you if you advertise your product to the right audience. There are boards that users can see and follow. If you apply the right strategy for your online eCommerce store, you will surely get many followers from Pinterest and it will result in more sales.

As the social network is purely based on images, it will be easier for you to attract more audience. Images are the best way to convert people to an online store. Of course, the first thing that people see is the images. So, if you add the images on your Pinterest board, you will get many sales here.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Talking about strategies, there are certain strategies that you need to follow if you want to do better on Pinterest. Just like any other marketing campaign, you will need a proper way to execute. Here are some of the Pinterest marketing strategies that you can use.

Pinterest Strategies

  • Pinterest is not the only place from which the user will find your website. So, you need to add the “Share pin” button to all the images on your eCommerce. It will allow users to share your images on Pinterest. The more people share your images, the more people you will reach. Therefore, you should add the sharing button to all the images in your store.
  • We talked about Pinboards, right? Here is a board idea that will work the best. You can add a board name like “Buy what you see” or similar. The main goal here is to tell people that you will get the same product that you see in the image. In this way, your audience will know that this is an online eCommerce store.
  • Sharing and complementing other pins will help you a lot. After all, it is a social media website. Don’t just treat it as a marketing platform.
  • You can always write big captions that will be treated like a blog. Not to mention, you can also create an image with text.
  • Use the keywords when you are posting. While writing a caption, make sure you include all the keywords. If you are doing SEO, you need to write an SEO-Optimized description. This will help the Pinterest algorithm to rank your images better. Also, you will get decent search traffic to your board. Pinterest is a popular website that is shown in many search results. So, you can take advantage of that thing.


To conclude, this was all about Pinterest and how you can use Pinterest marketing for your eCommerce store. Make sure you have created an account with the name of your store.

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