Importance of Product Description

Product Description important because if User Visit your page, looking for the product they need. The Next step is to convince them to buy that product.


With a perfect product description that encourages a user to press on “buy now” button.

The product description is an important aspect of conversion rate optimization. It is a tough task to create a good description. Also, include the information buyer needs to make a decision to buy that product.

Here are the 7 easy-to-follow rules about product description writing that will help you to describe a product perfectly.

1. Know your Target Audience –

When you write a product description with a large group of audience in mind, your descriptions become milk-and-water and you end up losing your efforts and addressing no one at all.

The best way to write product descriptions to Ecommerce Store is to address your potential buyer directly and personally.

You should define the features of the product would be more valuable to your ideal buyer. While writing the product description you should imagine the behavior of your buyer for example –

  • What kind of humor does your buyer praise?
  • Which words your buyer uses?
  • What questions do they ask while shopping for the product?
  • How would a buyer describe the product to others?

By keeping this question in mind with considering the conversion you would make with the buyer in your store,  Now you will be better able to write a product description.

2. Optimize for Search Engines –

The words you use don’t only influence the buyer.

That is also important for optimizing the content for the search engine.

Search engine optimization is the best way to attract the new user to your website and convince them to buy the product.

You should use the keywords, your customers usually search to find the product they want to buy. With the use of the keyword planner, on-page SEO checker, you can easily find the keyword.  For example, if you are selling makeup brushes, you have to be precise about a type of brush such as ‘powder brush’ or ‘Foundation brush.

According to selling experts, using keywords in product descriptions – especially in bullet points – increases your website search rankings.

3.  Make yourdescription searchable”- 

Is your web design encourages a user to read the product description?

In these days, People have a short attention span, Only a Few people read what they find on the internet. They want the exact information without wasting too much time.

Try to include bullet points in your content. Product description with clear and searchable design helps you to convey important information to your buyer and more appealing to your ideal customers.

Here’s some points top focus while creating product description :

  • Try to create a short paragraph with a few sentences each;
  • Include easy-to-scan bullet points;
  • Include lots of white space;
  • Use different font size to provide important information.

4. Use storytelling to your advantage –

Does your product have a backstory to tell?  It could be the answer to your customer’s problem, about the products benefits or just an entertaining story. Chances are it will be special and appealing to your buyer, too. Storytelling might engage your audience and win hearts and minds.

When it comes to storytelling, ask yourself:

  • What inspired creating the product?
  • Why are you making this product?
  • What problem did you face to develop the product?
  • How you test the product?

5. Use more images and mixed media –

An image is worth a thousand words, Right?

You can use this principle for product description.

There are many other options to describe your product than just describe products with words.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of users will simply skip the long paragraph. A report shows that 63% of customers think that a good product image is more important compared to product descriptions.

So an important aspect of your product description is actually in the product image itself. Good product image will show the all-important feature to your buyer.  It helps a user to imagine having this product in their life.

It might be useful if you keep your description short and use icons, images, and video to describe a product.

6. Tempt with social proof –

When your website visitors are not sure about which product buy, they look for reviews about the product. We usually think that the highest number of positive review convince buyer but apart from that social proof also inspire them. For example, their favorite celebrity is using the product.

Including a celebrity image in product description encourage customers to get answers to their queries. Also, it describes your product as popular. Most of the user is attracted to buying something that is more popular.

7. Split test your product description –

After creating a product description, it’s important to split test your product description. As we know that conversion rate optimization is a never-ending process.

Test different formats, lengths, keywords, etc. in your content. it helps you to improve your conversion rate and optimize your product page.

Conclusion –

A product description should be short and sweet. You should include keyword which is search engine friendly as it increases your search engine rank.

Also, focus on power words in your descriptions to stand out your product.

Ultimately, you want to create a product description that gives your website visitors the information that they need and encourage them to buy the product.

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