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Are you Fed up of taking Bossy orders, meeting targets, waiting for the appraisal, and working long hours to please your Boss!! Many of 9-5 working people have these thoughts every other day. It could be because you don’t like the idea of having a boss and want to step out on your own. Then what is stopping you? Because stepping out as an entrepreneur is risky and staying with your current job is safe. Still, there are special people out there who have somehow managed their current job and also started their own business they love.

Benefits of Full-Time Job

Benefits of Full time Job

1.Steady Income: A stable, dependable source of income will give you much more confidence in risking with a new business that has a high rate of failure in the first year.

2. Work Experience: All those years in your Job, has definitely groomed you. You have inherited a lot of work experience which you can put in use for your business.

3.Social Contacts: Word of Mouth is still considered to be one of the trusted forms of Marketing. Earning Good repo with your colleagues, seniors, and juniors is your investment which you can utilize for your new business

4.Guidance: “You always learn from your Seniors” – this strategy will also help you a lot when you need help or solve a problem at your business.

The drawbacks of Full-time Job

1.Less Time – The most obvious drawback is time. When you are working full time, you won’t have much time left to focus on your own business. At times your Job demands weeknights and weekends, which are typically harder times to do business. This means time taken to get your business up and running is longer, and you won’t be able to give much of your time as long as you stay employed.

2.Less Motivation- Keeping 9-5 jobs you’ll naturally consider your startup more of a hobby than a living, and you’ll be less motivated to nurture it to fruition. Because of the safety net, your focus to become a successful entrepreneur is diluted.

3. Performance – If you don’t strick the right balance between your Job and Business than results are below par. Struggle between both worlds is very difficult, if you are unable to handle it properly then you face losses both at job and business.

So clearly there are Advantages and Disadvantages of starting Business along with your 9-5 job. But those who always wanted to see themself as an entrepreneur will definitely jump into this ocean and get success in both worlds.

Tips to Start E-Commerce Business

Tips to Start eCommerce Business

1. Register Business – To start is always difficult. But once that hurdle is cleared, rest becomes easy. Once you identify what business needs to be done you need to register your business. Setup a good supply chain, here you can utilize your work experience and take some advantage of your company resources.

2. Start an Online Business – We practically use our phone for everything, then why not for business. Setting up your Business Online now doesn’t take long. E-Commerce Solution provider like MoreCustomersApp gives important eCommerce features to Build, Manage, and Market your online business right from your Mobile. MoreCustomersApp provides easy catalog management, customer management, order management, payment gateway setups, and much more…Even if you are not that tech-savvy, MoreCustomersApp Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials gives step-by-step help for each feature to start with.

3.Dropshipping – It is a modern miracle of e-commerce and an incredible way to save time and effort when you are starting your own business. When you think about setting up a business, you wonder where you’ll buy your merchandise, who will be your supplier, where will I store all products? When you work with a drop-ship vendor, they will send the product directly to the customer. You won’t have to buy, store, or ship goods. All you need to do is take orders and maintain your website!

3. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram have the highest number of users likely followed by Twitter and Pinterest. Social Media has become a necessity for many. Showcasing your business on social platforms, you can build your audience, increase brand awareness and build trust eventually

4. Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is a way to promote products, services, and content online. Digital marketing can be paid, organic, or social. For an eCommerce store, the purpose of a digital marketing campaign is to bring relevant traffic to the store and convert it into a customer that places an order

Starting your own business seems difficult, but there are many resources available to help you along the way. Having a full-time job might make the process longer, but it will also give you the financial support and stability you need to be successful in the long run. Start with a strong motivation, utilize free and paid tools available, ask for advice, outsource a few things, and stay lean. Just make sure you take the First Step as soon as you can, as even the smallest step forward is still forward progress.

MoreCustomersApp makes it possible to start your business while still maintaining your nine-to-five— work. Work Harder and invest the time productively within your business, and watch your unique business grow. Pretty soon your day job will take a back seat and you would be driving your new eCommerce Business. The only thing you will see in front of you is New You!!

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