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Word of Mouth Marketing – A powerful Approach for Online Store

Word of Mouth Marketing

When you buy something the first thing you would do is share it with your friends and family. People love to talk about what and how they bought. Word of Mouth Marketing has a huge impact on the eCommerce Business.

What is WOM – Word of Marketing?

WOM means when someone shares other person detail of product, brand, or service. They are the direct rand Ambassador of your products. They are the first ones to give Ratings and Reviews of your products. Investing in Word of Marketing is not only a wise step but effective too as it is Free.

Different Types of Word of Marketing

There are a few things one can take in the word of mouth marketing. This is where the people will share your brand name when they are randomly talking with their friends or family.

1. Buzz marketing is where the people will talk about the brand as you are launching your new product or there are new features that will be introduced in the current product. There is a buzz about something here.

2. The next is content marketing in word of mouth. This is where people share the content that you put out. It might be blogs or videos.

Talking about blogs or videos, social media marketing can also be considered in word of mouth.

3. Last but not least, we have referred to marketing where the customer will share your product in return for some referral rewards. It might be a discount on their next purchase or even cash.

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