Importance of Recommendation Section in Ecommerce Business

The ‘Recommended for You’ section encourages customers to buy additional products, stimulating demand and it helps to Ecommerce Business in generating more sales.

Recommendation Section in Ecommerce Store

The biggest challenge for e-commerce businesses is giving superior customer service or user experience to buyers. Helping users to find what they are looking for. And giving them a super shopping experience so they can easily buy products without any hurdles. A Recommendation section show’s to visitors what they are looking for. 

The importance of the product recommendations section is, it makes feel to user personalization is not only increasing sales but It helps to deliver a better user experience to visitors. Frequent product recommendations can encourage buyers to buy more products over the product. Just recall your buying experience on any eCommerce platform like Amazon, Flipkart or any other you will feel how much product recommendation is important for your eCommerce store.

How ECOMMERCE BUSINESS Recommendation Engine work

A recommendation engine collects user data or tracks their activity like (product search query, like, dislike, cookies and buy the product) and analyzes these data to try to understand what they are looking for then show recommendation to users for a better experience. There are two approaches recommendation engines follow: User content-based and collaborative filtering. 

Benefits of Recommendation Engine 

1. Better User Experience

2. Sales Boost

3. Enhanced Customer Engagement

4. More Traffic

Here is the quick guide on how you can display the recommendation section

Based on  visitor’s browsing history

Most of the time used (“Recommended for you”) is suggesting a product based on the visitors history such as what visitors search and like , what product he adds in cart and buys. It adds a deeper impact, personalized with the shopper’s name.

Based on “Featured recommendation” and “Recently viewed” 

It shows to buyers those items they wouldn’t have thought about searching for and what they viewed recently. 

Related to items you’ve viewed

Suggest products that have been viewed by the same user but failed to buy. This approach will push users to buy this product. suggestions on product pages to help encourage users to add additional items to their cart

Customers who bought [this item] also bought [that item]” 

Recommendations provide social proof and peer-generated recommendations of relevant products the user may be interested in. 

Based on previous purchases

“Since you already own this, you may also want this”. The System shows to users as per the history of their last purchase. 

Show the highest-rated items in product recommendations. 

Try injecting some social proof into your product recommendations by displaying items that have the highest customer reviews.


We have gone through how product recommendations can be beneficial for your eCommerce Business. Click here to view an example of Recommendations. If you really want to generate more sales on your store , don’t forget to add recommendations. While adding recommendations your goal should be :  No visitor should go empty hand from your online store.

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