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Twitter a New Platform for eCommerce Shop

Every single platform out there is now implementing the eCommerce features in it. With Social Media playing an important role in eCommerce marketing, every social platform is now trying to give different features to attract large audiences. The same goes with Twitter. We already know how FaceBook Shop has turned out into a huge success. After Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok now Twitter is all set to offer an eCommerce feature.

Last week during the analyst day presentation, Twitter shares many of their ongoing development progress. One of them was to add a huge shop button CTA which will be used to get more sales to your eCommerce store. When the user clicks on it, they will redirect them to an eCommerce store giving you the ultimate power to buy anything with ease.

There will be a small card where you can see the details of the product with pricing. Of course, you can buy the product directly from the card. You can also see more information along with this such as the source link. The source link will link to the official website of the company. It’s still in its early stages, but you can likely expect movement on this front in the near future.

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