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Tips to increase the conversion rate of your online shop.

Tips for conversion rate

One of the biggest issues that people face in an online shop is the low conversion ratio. If you have an eCommerce website, you might be aware of what we are talking about. We are going to see the exact tips that you can use to boost the ratio of converting customers.


9 Important Tips to Increase Conversion Ratio for Online Shop

Here are the most important tips useful for every Online shop to increase the conversion ratio.

1. Good Quality Banners and Website Layout

Good website layout

The first thing that your customer will notice is the layout of your website. Inside the layout, they will surely see the banner first. So, your first task is to use good-quality banners. Further, the design of the website (that is the layout) should be responsive. If you are not using any banners then you should start using banners. Create some and add it to your website.

2. Fast and Easy Checkout Process

Checkout is important as the cold prospect has finally thought to give a try to your product. This goes well in most cases but some of the customers are not completely convinced with your product. Long checkout form or hard-to-navigate checkout might scare them off. You can also add steps to your checkout.

3. Good Product Photos and Videos

Good product photos

Product photos play a very important role in an eCommerce store. So, make sure that you have got the best photos of your product. A good photo will automatically increase the downloads without having to do anything. So, that is the best thing you can do. Further, you can also create a promo video if you want more sales.

4. Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to bring in new customers. People want free shipping. You can surely increase the price if it costs you extra. Either way, offer free shipping.

5. Use Coupon Codes

coupon are driving force

Coupon codes are the best way to give a handsome discount to customers. By offering coupon codes, you will force them to take the action now. Hence, if the customer would want to buy your product after 3 days, they will buy it right now. Don’t forget to set an expiry for coupons.

6. Encourage Product Ratings and Reviews

Reviews and ratings increase trust. So, your next job will be to encourage buyers to leave a rating or a review. It is not hard. Just send an email asking them for a review after a couple of days. In this way, you can get more reviews with ease.

7. Product Descriptions and Adjusting Price

Product Descriptions are important especially if you are selling electronics products. There are some small details which you need to add to the descriptions. For example, if you are selling mobile covers, add the list of supported devices and the material used in the cover. Further, you need to adjust the price as per the sales. Run the A/B test or have a look at the analytics.

8. Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are similar to reviews but testimonials are usually for the complete website. Testimonials from a couple of customers will increase their trust.

9. Social Face of Website

The last thing is to have the social face of your eCommerce store. Make sure you are active on all social media especially on Instagram and Twitter. This will help you in engaging with visitors and increasing their trust. Hence, boosting sales.



To conclude, these are some of the ways to increase the conversion ratio of an eCommerce store. Many of these things require technical knowledge. You can use a trusted website builder to achieve all these things. MoreCustomersApp has many features inbuilt. The website builder makes all things easier and faster. Further, it also automatically optimizes your website to increase conversion rates. For instance, the speed is more and the basic SEO is already done for you.

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