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Retail in India saw Major change through these Technologies

The retail market is changing with the digital era. With IoT(internet of things) the line between Offline and Online is blurring. When we think of retail we think of websites. If you are planning to get the most out of retail in India, you will have to take the complete leverage of these 7 technologies that are booming in the market.

7 technology that enhanced Retail in India

  • Retail eCommerce: This is a booming industry where all the people should take part. With eCommerce, people now can order their Daily supplies online in the comfort of their home. Excellent shipping and payment options have encouraged people to do more online shopping.
  • Supply Chain: The supply chain in India will surely change a lot in the future. RFID tags becoming a norm is a sign of it. Due to this stock handling has become easy. Now we can know the shelf-life of perishable products. We can cater fresh stock to customers with FIFO (first in first out) system.
  • Accessibility: Things like mobile barcodes are included here.
  • Food Processing Technologies: Healthy food has become a priority now. This is where food processing technologies come into the picture
  • Auto checkouts: Nobody wants to wait in a queue. There should be more ways for auto-checkout. This technology has become a boom to both retailers and the end consumers.
  • Mobile Wallet:  After demonetization, a mobile wallet has come in very handy. This historical event paved the way for many technology companies to change the retail landscape in India.
  • Social media: Last but most important is Social Media. People are spending the most time here. This will see a major change when it comes to Retail in India. We all know How social media has influenced people and how it is a must for an eCommerce website.


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