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Online Shop Returns are increasing after the holidays

Online returns see increase after holidays

Due to the pandemic, Online Selling saw a surge this year and hence a lot of returns in the new year. Retailers should see this as an opportunity to gain customer trust and one of the reasons to retain them. During this global pandemic, a lot of things have changed and even the returns. Earlier People could easily try out the outfits in the store and if they are not fit, they could get another size. That’s not the case during the pandemic. As the retail stores are closed, people will have to buy what’s shown.

However, many customers believe in bracketing. In simpler words, they will buy multiple sizes and colors and return the rest of the things. Returning has increased by roughly 30% compared to last year.

“2020 is set to be the worst year on record for retailers with regards to return percentages,”’s Sridhar said by email. “Every retailer is set to see returns that are 50% to 100% more than they have ever encountered in the past.”

For store owners, it’s advised that you can keep the returns as easy as possible instead of making it difficult. Even if they return 50% of the things, you will earn many new customers which wills stay for life. Therefore, you should keep the return policy easy. Keeping return policy easy is one thing, but retailers should represent products as accurately as possible in online sales. Returns are not favorable to shopkeepers and they do add to fuel and labor cost, but to attain customer loyalty one should keep the best possible return policy.

“The best return is the one that never happens” 

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