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Launching A Website to Sell Products For Under $50

Start an eCommerce empire just under $50

Did you know that eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable online industries in the world? Today, more people than ever are doing a significant portion of their shopping online, which means that if you’ve got a website to sell products, you’ve got the potential to make a whole heck of a lot of money in the coming months and years. However, to cash in on the eComm boom, you’ll need to build a website and stock your inventory first.

Below, we’re looking at how to get started in eCommerce without spending any more than $50!


Choose A Site Builder

The first thing you’ll need to do when launching an eCommerce business is to figure out how to build your website to sell products. Fortunately, there are many easy to use, “drag and drop” site editors out there, which require little to no experience to use. Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly are a few famous names in the eCommerce industry.

But there are dozens of other companies that provide similar website building tools and website hosting services.

With a “drag and drop” editor, you choose a pre-designed website template. And then, using the editor’s tools, you’ll be able to move around your page elements, add/remove pages, and insert your website copy.

Afterward, all you’ll need to do is hit the publish button, and any changes you’ve made will be saved and posted directly to the internet!


Buy Your Domain Name 

Next, you’ll need to Buy your Domain Name, which will be one of your first expenses when getting started in eCommerce.

Your domain name is the URL that internet users will input into their browsers to find your website. Depending on the site builder that you’ve chosen, most of these platforms offer the ability to browse available domain names, review similar domain names, and purchase domains once you’ve made your choice. Domain names cost anywhere between a few dollars to a few thousand dollars per year. But for now, we suggest that you purchase something on the lower end of the price spectrum. We also recommend that you purchase a “.com” rather than anything like “.org” or “.gov”

Also, think of your domain name as something that will be present on your business cards, social media profiles, and any other information related to your store. Therefore, make sure to choose something relevant, catchy, and easy to remember!


Create an Online Store

Once you’ve chosen a site builder and have purchased your domain, you’ll need to start designing and building your website. As mentioned, building a website with a “drag and drop” editor is the easiest and most cost-effective option. However, if you have more than $50 as a budget, you can always consider hiring a web designer to help you out.

At a minimum, your site should include a home page, about page, contact us page, as well as a page for your online store.


Learn About MultiVendor Site

After you’ve got your website and store built, the next step is to stock your inventory. If you plan on selling personal products or items you’ve made on your own, feel free to start adding them directly to your store. However, if you don’t have products to sell and you’re trying to keep things within a $50 budget, we suggest looking into a multivendor solution. With multivendor, you’ll find a supplier, which will allow you to add their products directly to your store, where you can set your prices.

Then, when a person purchases through your website, the order is sent directly to the supplier, who bills your account, and the product is then shipped directly to the consumer.

In other words, with a multivendor solution, there’s no need to stock your inventory, which can be hugely beneficial when you’re just getting started and only have limited funds.


Start Generating Traffic

After you’ve got your website to sell products ready, the final step is to start driving traffic to your eCommerce Store, which you can do in several ways. For instance, you can use Social Media Marketing or SEO to drive traffic for free.

Or, if you have the resources, you might want to look into using PPC or Pay Per Click ads to help get people onto your website.

Then, over time, you should continue to refine and tweak your website and your traffic generation process. Eventually, you’ll be able to sit back, watch the traffic flow in, and your bank account grow!


Build Your Online Store Today And Grow Your Business