Ecommerce Myths to People

eCommerce Myths

Thousands of online businesses started This year, especially with how easy to start an online business become. You can now easily build an E-commerce or business website with a website builder app. There are 79% of buyer who shops on their phone or web, up from 22% in 2000.

Acquiring goods and services online has become popular among many customers around the world.

But unfortunately, there’s a lot of myths and incorrect information available on the web regarding what it takes to start an online business. Believing those myths without analyzing them can cause misinterpretation about e-commerce. Or worse, poor sales and revenue and loss of investment and even irreversible debt.

Take a look at some common fears retailers have about going online. We are going to debunk the common misconceptions most people have about e-commerce.

1. Starting an Online Business All by Yourself is Too Hard-

The first thought comes in any seller mind by the idea of getting online.

I m not a technical person and I don’t have technical knowledge about creating an E-commerce website.

Luckily, there are many E-commerce website builder app to start your online business. For example, with MoreCustomersApp pre-built website templates, you can create a website easier than ever only in 10 minutes with few clicks.

Everything you need to go online is easier to find nowadays, The automated software helps a lot, as you won’t have to manually perform all the business task by yourself.

2. My business is too small to sell globally-

The best thing about online business is you can expand your business without any geographical limit. You can sell your product anywhere, any time globally. The location of your shop didn’t matter much in comparison to offline shopping. You can easily attract the customer if you have unique goods.

Location matter only in the case if you are selling a perishable good, but with others, you don’t have to worry about the location.

3. Price is the only thing that matters-

Definitely, price matters, you have to be competitive. But the “set your prices low” myth always led you to a problem as some of your competitors will always find a way to beat your price. Instead of that think about what sets your products apart from others, and then set a fair price. Sometimes you may not be able to beat your competitor’s prize, but there are still a lot of people out there who don’t shop from your competitors. Maybe because of your product quality or good customer service.

There are many other things that can be presented to make your offers more attractive to your customers. Loyalty offers, personalization, positive customer service, product quality, good customer service, and user experience. If you can understand your customer’s needs and requirements and address them. Then it is a better way to attract customers compared to less price.

Work to build your customer’s trust. Try to add quality to customers’ lives with your product and service and connect them with a brand in a deeper way.

4. Acquiring new customers is more important than keeping existing ones-

Will future revenues come from existing customers or from new ones?

Many companies make the mistake of investing in acquiring new customers at the expense of nurturing relationships with existing ones. Every business must find the right balance and Online retailers must focus on growing their customer base. While simultaneously keeping their existing customers happy and engaged. Also, provide a good service and offers to your existing customer to encourage them to come back and share a positive review of your business.

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5. Don’t have a budget to start an online store-

Retail Industry is shifting toward digitalization. You want to go online but the initial investment may bother you. But what if we told you getting online is much affordable compared to setting up a physical store. The cost of starting and operating an online business is a small fraction of physical stores. It’s inexpensive to set up an e-commerce store thanks to low-cost platforms like MoreCustomersApp. These apps make it easy for entrepreneurs to start an online store with everything from an attractive, mobile-friendly website to take payments to manage inventory, orders, and shipping.

6. I’m already active online via social media. A website isn’t necessary-

It’s true, your social media presence is key to your store’s success. However, tweets, Instagram Stories, and Facebook posts aren’t enough. An e-commerce website is your second shop from where a user can buy and you can showcase your whole collection.

Customer who likes your product on social media may not scroll your whole profile to see your entire collection, As its a takes time. On the other hand, customers who find what they are looking for on your online store are more likely to browse through the rest of your website and maybe possibly buy other products too.0Like

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