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Benefits of Creating an eCommerce Store using MoreCustomersApp

The current situation of covid has made people think a lot of things. There is a lot of unrest in the current economic situation. Do you have a brick-and-mortar store? Do you have a unique product to sell? Are you

Which eCommerce platform should you use for Your Business Needs?
Which eCommerce platform should you use for Your Business Needs?

Online shopping is a huge business, and it’s only going to become bigger. One factor is undoubtedly the current epidemic, but there is also a long-term upward tendency. More than half of the populace prefers to purchase online rather than

Multivendor eCommerce Platform strategies
Multi-vendor solution strategy for eCommerce websites

This guide is all about the strategies used for a multi-vendor eCommerce platform. We will see some of the coolest strategies that will cover multivendor accounts, payments procedures, online stores, shopping carts, and the last thing that you need to

alkapharmacy on MoreCustomersApp ecommerce platform
How a small Ayurvedic Products manufacturing company scaled up their Business

From Single Room to 25 Rooms Ayurvedic Products Production house:: Alka Pharmacy’s Success on MoreCustomersApp Platform The Ahmedabad-based company primarily manufacturing Ayurvedic products also sells their products online through the MoreCustomersApp platform. They’ve not only scaled up their manufacturing unit

Twitter a New Platform for eCommerce Shop
Twitter a New Platform for eCommerce Shop

Every single platform out there is now implementing the eCommerce features in it. With Social Media playing an important role in eCommerce marketing, every social platform is now trying to give different features to attract large audiences. The same goes

How to choose eCommerce Platform for your Online Business
13 Questions to Ask before building an Online Store or choose an eCommerce Platform

Are you planning to build your eCommerce store? One of the most difficult things here is to select the best eCommerce platform to build the store. We have made your work easier, here are 13 questions you can ask before

50-60% of spends on E-commerce platforms via digital modes
Digital Payments saw 50-60% of the increase in eCommerce

Before the pandemic, the people of India believed in Cash on Delivery rather than paying via digital mode. However, the pandemic has changed a lot of things including the preferred payment methods. The people who used to pay via cash

eCommerce Platform
Comparison of eCommerce platform in India MoreCustomersApp/Wix/Shopify/Zepo

There are lots of small business in India which are offline and they are eager to come on online or want to create their e-commerce store with the help of ECOMMERCE PLATFORM in India. Might be you heard about lots

increase order value in eCommerce Store
Increase Average Order Value for eCommerce Business and Boost Revenue

What is your goal for your eCommerce business? To make money, right? In this post, we’re going to discuss ways to increase your average order value. The easiest way to increase your revenues for an eCommerce business is to increase consumer

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