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Nike's Online Sales
Nike’s direct-to-consumer online sales grew more than 50% by their own digital business

Nike’s profit in this fiscal year’s Q4 profit has grown over 50% from the direct sales. Direct sales are where Nike is selling the product through digital means. Nike said that their direct selling business has enabled them to connect

Most benefited Businesses even during Pandemic
Most benefited Businesses even during Pandemic

Many businesses have gone completely bankrupt due to the pandemic. On a positive note, there are a couple of businesses that have made profits in the pandemic. There are many profited businesses where the pandemic was a great opportunity for

Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital marketing trends are one of the trending topics in 2021. People are seeing more and more trends incoming in the current year. There was a hike of 30.4% in eCommerce sales compared to last year. This clearly shows the

SEO and eCommerce Store
How SEO is Important for eCommerce Store

Many people have the misconception that SEO is only for blogs that are untrue. SEO is equally important for the eCommerce store as well. Let’s see all the things from the start.   Why people do Online Shopping Before we

TikTOk for eCommerce Marketing
What’s the role of Tiktok in eCommerce Marketing

Since Tiktok is becoming the number one app across the world, it is only relevant to discuss how it is going to change the eCommerce dynamics. So, in this article, we discuss how much Tiktokers are making by promoting eCommerce

how to use affiliate marketing to grow your business
How to Use Affiliate Marketing To Grow Your Online Business

Affiliate marketing is a rather new marketing concept but getting popularity due to its effectiveness. It is extremely beneficial both for the brands and for the marketers. Just a few years ago, brands used to spend a lot of money

how to build online community and increase brand awareness
Build an Online Community and Increase Your Brand Awareness

According to Forbes, around half of the population of the US feels isolated, alone, and away from their loved ones. Almost the same is the case with Canada and Australia. This is because over 30% of the population living in

Why Digital Marketing is must for an Ecommerce Stor
Why Digital Marketing is Must for an Ecommerce Store?

Do you know how many ecommerce websites are there in 2020? Over 20 million websites or more are available. Of these websites, only 0.2 million have a ranking of under 1 million Alexa. So, most of these ecommerce websites don’t

SEO Growth Hacking Tools
Scale Your Business With These SEO Growth Hacking Techniques

Are you running an online business? If yes, then it is obvious that you have an E-commerce website that updates your customers. If you do not have your own e-commerce website then no worries just download Mobile App or Sign-up

Social media integration
How to increase traffic through Social Media Integration

Social media integration plays a vital role in the growth of your business. Social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. allows you to post your product with a single click. It is very effective in marketing

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