Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation and Refund is applicable on MCA Basic/Plus/Pro plan purchased for first 14 Calendar Days from time of placement of order.
  2. You may cancel your membership by writing us to [email protected] along with which plan purchased, reason of cancellation along with your bank details.
  3. Refund is not applicable on renewal and upgrade of plans.
  4. Refunds becomes void in case any fraud or abuse of products / services during the membership period.
  5. Any tax amount paid with the plan purchase is excluded from the Refund Calculations.
  6. For plans purchased with Domain Name Registration / Transfer, the prevailing Registration / Transfer Cost of the Domain will be deducted from Plan Cost in Refund Calculations.
  7. Refund is applicable only once per client.
  8. 2% incoming transaction Charges & 2% refund transaction charges will be deducted.
  9. Refunds will not be given for Android apps after development has been started.
  10. Payment made towards third party Extension / Module as a part of Custom development will not be refunded.
  11. Payment for 1st monthly subscribtion from the MCA Basic/Plus/Pro plan purchased would be deducted.
  12. Rs.300 will be charged towards manpower and maintenance of service / NEFT refund process / refund transaction charges and maintenance of records for taxation and audit.
  13. No refund are process for plan purchased on EMI's.

Renewal Policy

  1. Subscriber must renew their membership 7 days before MCA Plan expiry Date through MCA App to allow us to renew their domain and other services. If member do not renew before renewal period, then he/she might face loss of service for a period of time for delay.
  2. Subscriber may renew upto 14 days after their subscription expiry at the agreed upon renewal charges. However, domain availability cannot be guaranteed. During this period their store will not be accessible. Any purchases after the grace period will be treated as new purchase and subscription must be purchased at the prevailing rates.
  3. At the time of renewal, if you are upgrading plan, we will consider it a new plan not Upgradation of Plan.
    • If you are upgrading your plan in between the subscription period at that time we will consider it a new plan from the upgradation date and we will charge for days/period of time which is you used in the last plan.
    • If you are EMI subscriber and you are upgrading your plan in between subscription period then your next EMI will come based on your new plan amount.