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  • What is MoreCustomersApp ?

    Morden, Flexible, User-Friendly, Best online store builder and mobile app builder in India. Online Selling and Social Media Sharing with more customers App. Effortless Web Site Design & no programming skill required.

  • How to add Product in MoreCustomersApp ?

    There is a easy way of how to add your product to your online store, Manage Product, Sort & Filter Product, View & Manage enquire, Share your product on Social Media.

  • How To Manage Orders in MoreCustomersApp ?

    Order Management -More customers app make it easy for you. Manage order of Online Shopping, See detail of dispatch order, Payment of order, Cancel order, awaiting payment, See the total number of order of your online store on the dashboard.

  • Product Level Courier Charges for MoreCustomersApp

    Manage courier Charges according to distance of Receiver or area of delivery. Example: Add Courier Charges in City, Out Of City . We type with shipyaari but you can add your individual courier service.

  • Impect of changing second colour on website

    Use the second color in highlighting something specific like a discount, selling price for your eCommerce product page which will make your online store more user-friendly.

  • Specification Management - MoreCustomersApp

    Add more about the product, Provide a detail description of the product it could be color, material, and any specific feature of the product. it will draw more customers, Grow Your Sales & Reach More Customers.

  • How to manage SEO tags - MoreCustomersApp ?

    Do SEO on your product, Your product will be search engine friendly. Define & Write keyword Properly & Add SEO Tags (Meta Title & Description). Easily visible to the user, Easy Online Shopping.

  • Return & Refund for MoreCustomersApp

    Customize Return & refund Policiy on your online store. View Pending Refund, Approved Refund, Rejcted and fund transfered.

  • Inventory management for MoreCustomersApp

    Inventory management: Allow user to buy a product when Product is out of stock and set range of product and how many products are available on your online store.

  • Presence on social media account

    Add your social media account to your online business & and your customers will follow you on social media. Do Social Media marketing & Sale everywhere & Do your site branding on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.