Efficiently ecommerce website designed features of MCA makes it easy to build an online store in few clicks from your phone.

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    Manage Online WebStore

    Manage your eCommerce store with MoreCustomersApp. No matter who you are and where you are and how's your Technical Knowledge. Use our eCommerce website maker & mobile app builder application to manage your eCommerce website from your mobile.

    Manage Your Site

    You can manage your site through attractive and User-friendly Dashboard where you can access and manage your eCommerce website. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge. Anyone can manage the website. You can view a graphical representation of visitors, Product view, post reach of your online store.

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    Manage ECommerce Product

    This is a very essential and useful feature for your online store. Easily upload and update multiple products with a simple UI of MoreCustomersApp. Manage product, view inquiry and orders with a single click.

    “It takes a lot of courage to show your product to someone else.” You can share your product on social media it helps a lot to increase sales.

    Click on Product to discover many bonus features. You can manage Variants, Specification, Inventory, Courier charge and last but not the least, you can manage SEO Tags using this feature. Right SEO tags can rank your product and Website on google.

    Sites Branding:

    Suppose that you have the world’s best product and online store but until and unless people will know about that no one will buy it. Spread awareness about your online store through social media sharing.

    Click on share Icon and spread your product through WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook page, instagram, Twitter, SMS and other sharing app which is installed in your phone.

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    Manage Customer Inquiries

    View those customers who are viewing your product and wish to purchase your product. You can follow and send more information or offers of product and pull the customer to your online store. You will receive notification about inquiries and view of the product.

    WhatsApp Subscribers

    Site visitors can click on the WhatsApp icon on your eCommerce store. Your customers can subscribe you via WhatsApp and Increase your engagement with customers.

    eCommerce Store

    • An easy-to-use checkout
    • Search engine optimized code and layout
    • Reporting tools
    • Multiple payment options (Credit card, Debit Card, Net banking, PhonePay, Gpay, and PayTM available)
    • Manage brand logos
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    Upload WebStore Products

    Conveniently upload multiple products or add multiple images in a couple of clicks. Upload photos from your phone gallery or click one with your camera.

    Add category, Product name, the Price of the product. According to human nature, most of the people search for discounts. You can add a discount to attract more visitors and receive more inquiries or orders on your eCommerce product.

    • Add Product Category:
      • You can add a category of Product (e.g. Cloths or Footwear)
      • Add Sub-category (e.g. Cloths → Cotton, Footwear → Men's, Footwear → Women)
      • Add a Suitable name of your product, Price, and Discount
    • Specification management
      • You can add extra information in product (e.g. Color of Product, Meterial)
    • Inventory Management
      • Allow user to buy this product when it is out of stock.
    • Courier Charges
      • Add courier charges on the product. (e.g add courier charger according to a place like Within city, Within State, Out of state)
    • SEO Tags
      • Add meta title, Meta Description, and Keywords relevant to product.

    Add Description of product and tell your customers about your product. Manage inventory and add the quantity of a product and allow or disallow customers to buy your product when your product is out of stock. Manage variants and add your products variation (for example if your product is clothes then you can add colours.

    Do you know adding an image or multiple images of your product in an online store is a more effective way to attract your customers? By using MoreCustomersApp you can add multiple images of your product in your eCommerce website or Mobile app just using a single App.

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    Marketing with MoreCustomersApp

    Engage your customers using our handy social media features of MoreCustomersApp. Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts and share your product photos or create custom posts and share directly to your social media profile and reach your target audience.

    Create informative links of your new products with price, description and image for sharing. Click on the share icon and share your product on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Message and other Social Media

    Use your existing WhatsApp Contact or Group and engage your customers with lighter link sharing instead of images. Automatically watermark your product image as you upload them to the eCommerce online store.

    Nowadays people are searching for everything in the search engine. Do you know MoreCustomersApp which is eCommerce website maker or mobile app builder app provides Automated SEO tags or custom Meta entries which helps you improve your listing in search. Your sitemap will be updated automatically as you add categories and products.

    Google Analytics: How good would it be if we know from where or how much traffic is coming on our site. You can access or use Google Analytics it will show you a report of your site traffic. It will notify you if your traffic falls down.

    Add Your Website to Google My Business it will Help Customers Find Your Physical Location & will increase search Visibility.

    MoreCustomersApp not limited to the product sharing only you can send URL of your ecommerce website to your audience just by a click.

    SEO Optimization is not only to the product, Easy SEO Optimization on the Website level as well.

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    Support @MoreCustomersApp

    We have a dedicated customer care team in your service. Our team is always enthusiastic to help you on the phone, WhatsApp and email. Feel free to contact us.

    Byte-sized video tutorials are available on the MoreCustomersApp website or YouTube channel to explain the features like how to create an eCommerce website or how to create android app online using MCA.

    In the help tab, you can read Frequently Asked Question. If your query is not addressed here then contact our customer care team.

Know more about online store builder app
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    MoreCustomerApp is more than you think

    • Get an all inclusive package and get complete peace of mind.
    • Get an attractive pricing package of MoreCustomersApp and feel complete peace of mind. Free trial Plan Available.
    • Go into the setting of MoreCustomersApp, Add and change colour and font of website. Add watermark in your product.
    • Attach SSL certificate to make your site secure from hackers and give confidence to your customers.
    • Mobile friendly, Use on any mobile and install in just a minute.
    • Social Network is the best platform to share your product. Share your Product and website on social media and get the attention of more people.
    • WhatsApp Subscription- User can connect with you on WhatsApp group, you can create a group of customers and send your new product info.
    • You can manage the Returns & Refunds.
    • Select multiple products and edit. No need to select one by one product.
    • Manage Customer’s Details and use them for your Site’s Marketing.
    • Manage your payment option how you will receive payment. Cash on Delivery (COD) and online payment available.
    • Manage Order: You can view the new Order, Dispatched order, Payment awaiting, Payment declined, and cancellation.
    • Recommended Action: MoreCustomersApp will provide you with a recommendation for your online eCommerce store which will be good like add logo, add business information.
    • You will receive own domain name and one more business email Account.
    • Add business information like Contact information, Shop Timing, Shop Photos and social link account.
    • Set web designing : Business Logo, Cover Photos, Fonts, Colours, Header and trending category
    • Add watermark to product and eCommerce setting like Payment Option, Courier charges.
    • MoreCustomersApp create Android App for you. Nowadays most people access website from mobile. Create an Android Application for your online store.
    • Trending Category: Add trending Categories of your product which is in MOST Trending
    • Enable and Disable online selling feature when you wish to do. If you are on vacation disable online selling feature no-one will interrupt you.
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    What your customers/ User will experience

    • Easy Check-out and Shopping.
    • Navigation: With the help of navigation user can easily access your eCommerce website. Customer can reach from product search to make payment in less amount of effort
    • Attractive GUI and Look and Feel.
    • Offers and Discount tag on Product.
    • WhatsApp Icon for instant communication and any queries.
    • Customers will view your post.
    • Will have the option of payment method whatever they wish to choose.
    • Your customers Can know more about your business