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Important Tips and Tricks for More Instagram Followers on Your Online Store

Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram is an amazing social media platform through which you can market your product in the right way. If you own an online store, you could easily generate more sales through it. However, you will need a decent number of followers for that.

Why Instagram important for ECommerce

Instagram is one of the popular social networks. There are many reasons why you should use Instagram for eCommerce. Instagram has recently launched a new feature where people can buy your products directly from Instagram. The new Facebook shopping will automatically recommend products to people on Facebook as well as Instagram. So, that’s the primary reason why you should use Instagram for eCommerce. Also, Instagram is a platform where the users are engaging. The organic reach on Facebook is almost dead. So, you should be using Instagram instead. Not to mention, you will get enough targeting options if you go with paid ads.

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How to Get More Followers

Here are some ways to get real followers fast.

Instagram followers

1. Use relevant trendy hashtags

Instagram is all about hashtags. Don’t just insert any hashtags. Instead, you can properly research the hashtags before you post a photo. Luckily, Instagram shows you how many posts are available on a particular hashtag. So, with that, you can always find out which hashtags are trending.


2. Organize your Stories into Highlights

Story highlight is a feature that many eCommerce brands are not using. Stories will only be there for 24 hours. What if someone wants to see the story after 24 hours? That’s why you will have to add the story highlight. If any new person visits your profile, they will have more content to see.


3. Use geotags on Instagram posts for local discoverability

If you are selling your products on a particular location only, you should be using geotags on your stories and post. In stories, you can add a location sticker. It will automatically detect your location and add it. In the same way, you can tag the location in your posts. If you are selling worldwide, this might not work properly. However, it’s a great method to attract local audiences or audiences from a particular area.


4. Run a giveaway or Hashtag Contests to attract Instagram followers

The best way to attract more followers is by running a contest. Have you seen those crazy challenges that go viral and those Instagram games that people post? You can start one of those. Alternatively, you can simply host a giveaway of one of your products or discount in your online store. You can set rules like “Tag 3 friends to enter the giveaway”, “Share our post in your story and tag us”, and you can also keep one hashtag here. The user has to write the hashtag if they want to enter the giveaway.


5. Post timely and Be consistent with your Instagram posts

Time is somehow considered as an important factor. You can see your insights on Instagram. Go to Settings > Insights. You will see when most of your followers are active. If they are active at 9 PM, you should post at 9 PM every day. Make sure you upload every day at the same time. This will bring you more followers.


6. Follow Instagramers Within Your Industry

Don’t forget to follow the Instagram influencers in your community and industry. Engage with their content. You can comment on their pictures something valuable. In this way, their audience will reach you.


7. Engage and Share Non-Followers Content

Engagement is the key. The main reason why people are on Instagram is that they want to connect with other people. So, make sure you engage with your people. Sharing non-followers content might invite them to follow your page.


8. Steal your Competitor’s Followers

There are many ways to steal your competitor’s followers. You can comment on something valuable on your competitor’s post or you can simply post better content than them. You can also find common hashtags or you can like and comment on their follower’s posts.



To conclude, that’s how you increase Instagram followers for your eCommerce store. Make sure you follow all the 8 methods.

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