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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, with 2.27 billion monthly active users worldwide. By creating a Facebook business page, you expand your business and allowing your potential customers to connect with you.

Depending on your social media marketing, you can engage your Facebook user in conversations, and increase your revenue. Even many firms are using Facebook to make the announcement.

With 1.15 billion daily active users, if your business is not on Facebook yet, you are losing lots of customers and sales. Facebook is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Well, I’m sure you know all these facts, that’s why you are here to set up a Facebook business page for your firm or for your upcoming startup.

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How to set up a Facebook Page for your business

Start creating a Facebook business page for your online e-commerce store

1. Fill out your basic business info –

Select Business Type in your Facebook page for your online store
Select Business Type in your Facebook page for your online store


(You can also create a Facebook page by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page and select “Create Page”.)

There are two options available — “Business or Brand” and “Community or Public Figure”. You can select as per your requirement.

There will be a few fields to fill out based on the category you have chosen:

  • Page Name
  • Categories
  • Address
  • Phone number
Fill the all information of your business
Fill the all information of your business

2. Add Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo –

Upload profile picture
Upload profile picture

Next, you will upload a profile picture and cover photo for your Facebook page. As there is a famous quote “The First Impression is the last impression”, So it’s very important to create a good impression. Make sure you are choosing a profile picture which represents your brand and your visitors easily identify your business.

Profile pictures appear on the top left corner of your Facebook page and also when you interact with your online user.

If you are running a business, It is advisable to use the logo as a profile picture. But if you are a public figure then using your face picture will work like a charm.

A cover photo appears on the top of your image similar to personal Facebook account. It is the most important image for your FB page or account. It represents the personality of your brand. The cover photo must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

3. Add a short description –

You can utilize this option to describe your business in approx. 3-4 sentence. The character limit for a short description is limited to 155 characters. So, try to execute your idea clearly and concisely. It is very important because it’s so visible on your Facebook page.

You can also Add long Description, later on, set up your FB page. There is no character limit for the long description.

4. Create your username –

Select user name
Select user name

Your username will appear below your Facebook page and it also called your vanity URL, it helps your user to find you and remember your page. Try to set username easy, short and simple to remember.

There is a possibility that new pages can’t be able to create username immediately and maybe your page username removed because of the inactivity.

5. Include Additional Business Details –

Add extra information about your business
Add extra information about your business

To keep your followers well-informed, and tell them, about your business, you need to fill your About section details they may be your user want to know for example your website name, working hours, address, contact information, opening hours etc..

You can utilize the “story” feature, which allows you to tell your users a bit more about your company’s goals and history. Sharing this with your fans will give them an emotional touch with your business.

About Us in Facebook Page

While writing ABOUT US, keep in mind it works as a meta description for search engines. So, write your About very carefully. So, your Facebook page will rank on any keyword.

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6. Create your first post –

Create your first post
Create your first post

Before inviting your friends to like the Facebook business page, you have to share some valuable content in which your user might be interested and offers value for your visitors. You can create posts, or share relevant content from thought leaders in your industry or some animated pictures.

You could also create an event or product offer. There are many options under the tab “product and event”.

Your Facebook Business Page now represents the online presence that will help your visitors to easily interact with you.

How to optimize your Facebook Page –

Now that you’ve created a Facebook Business Page in place, The next thing is to optimize your Page to maximize the engagement and fulfil marketing goals.

1. Add a call to action –

Add call to action button
Add call to action button


There are many reasons why people come on your FB page, and there is a possibility that you are unable to provide all the information they need. But you can help them by providing Call – To – Action button. Using CTA button your visitor takes immediate action.

Facebook adds a default Send Message button on your FB page, and you can also customize the CTA button like download the app, visit the website, shop now, contact us etc.

2. Add a pinned post –

Add pin post on top
Add pin post on top

Is there important information you want to share with your visitors? Or a promotion you don’t want your followers to miss?

Then pin the post

A pinned post always stuck at the top of your Facebook Page and become the first thing that your visitors can see. Also, you can unpin the post or even can change the pinned post as per your wish.

3. Invite Friends –

Invite your friends or network
Invite your friends or network

Want to increase your followers?

You can invite your Facebook friends through your personal profile to like your page. Existing Facebook friends can be a better initial option to gain likes for your new FB page, so it is advisable to invite them.

4. Link to your Facebook Page from other web pages –


Generating Backlinks helps to increase the credibility of your FB Page and may also help increase your search engine ranking.

Simply link your Facebook Business Page wherever you can. Mention your page link at the bottom of your blog posts or on your website etc.

5. Set up Messenger –

Similar to person profile, businesses can also use Facebook’s Messenger to interact with your visitors. This is an effective way to communicate and answering your follower’s question immediately. It helps potential customers to take action and convert them into your customers.

Also, you can fix your operating hours as per your availability. So that messenger appears online in that duration.

Final thoughts –

Are you ready to set up your Facebook Page and start connecting with people and expand your brand?

We hope so!

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