HashTags: What They Are And How To Use Them
Benefits of HashTag

If you want to know all about hashtags in shorts then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to explain all about hashtags that are you should know.

What is HashTag

The hashtag is a word that is preceded by a [hash] # Sign. it is used to identify a specific topic on social media. Content easily filtered by the hashtag out of a huge amount of content on the internet. Used for Websites and Applications as well. Sometimes it is used to run a campaign to drive more traffic and build awareness. 

It creates a group conversion all over the world on a common topic and makes easier to find and search.

Here are examples of best social media hashtags

#WantAnR8 by Audi

#NationalFriedChickenDay by KFC

#ShareACoke by Coca-Cola

#LetsDoLunch by Domino’s Pizza

#OreoHorrorStories by Oreo

#WorthSaying by L’Oréal Paris

#ShareYourEars by Disney and Make-A-Wish

How It’s work 

Whenever the user types a word with a hashtag in their posts it is indexed by social media and then it’s become searchable and discoverable by other social media users and when a user clicks on the hashtag it aggregates all of the posts along with the same hashtags on a single page.

When a specific word or keyword becomes more search then it’s called trending hashtag but it does not mean it is the most popular hashtag. Trending topic or hashtags are different according to users, location, interest and their social media connection.   

They travel across the platforms and they can even convey the entire campaign message to your audience.  

How to Use 

It’s very simple to use a hashtag just add #[Symbol] just before your word, the word should be relevant to your post so a group of people can discuss on the topic. 

FaceBook HashTag FaceBook HashTag

Reference Image : MoreCustomersApp 

Why we should use

There are lots of reasons why you should use hashtags in your social media posts and below are some reasons

A hashtag will help you to increase social media presence and make your content viewable and searchable by anyone who used social media and it goes beyond the followers.  

Here is a different purpose of the hashtags on different social media like Engaging conversation on twitter, discovering new content on Instagram and creating a series of posts on facebook.  

Engagement and awareness 

Hashtags increase engagement of post and awareness of your brand on social media. Twitter says that those posts are more engaging who are using hashtags in content instead of without hashtag posts. It’s positively impacted on your post engagement, Likes, Comments and retweet. 

Brand building 

The hashtag is a very good way to build your brand via announcing new products, promotional content and generate interest for your business. Use wisely your hashtag and receive more out of your efforts 

If you want to receive more out of your efforts from hashtag marketing first you need to define your goal, Are you going to define those content which finds content and contribute to conversion? Define a narrow goal will help to find the best content and hashtag uses.

How to find best HashTags

  1. In the search bar of Instagram, type a generic keyword related to your market and content under the tag section you will see most influencers tag of your niche. It is the most effective way to find the most influencer tags 
Tips to find instagram Hashtag

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2. Use tools like hashtagifyritetag for finding the best and most trending hashtag

Now here searching the hashtag for eCommerce marketing, when you click on search it will give you a list of hashtags relevant to eCommerce business or market.  

Find hashtag using hashtagify Tool

Here are the result of eCommerce marketing hashtags.

popular ecommerce marketing hashtags

3. Simply search hashtag of [your niche] for [social media name] in the search box you will get the result of hashtag relevant to your search query. 

Let’s understand from an example, Suppose your keyword is eCommerce marketing and you want to search the hashtag for twitter so your query will be like “hashtag for eCommerce marketing ”

Find Twitter hashtag using google search box

There is the result of your search query, you can see hashtags for  eCommerce marketing with their used ratio

popular hashtag for instagram, facebook and twitter

Benefits of hashtag 

  • Hashtags can help categorize posts.
  • increase engagement.
  • attract followers.
  • help reach a target audience.
  • deliver the right content to the right people.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Make searchable or visible you content 
  • Spread your content too fast 

How wisely you can hashtag

  • Define your target audience
  • Define your content 
  • Define social media
  • Use different hashtags for different social media
  • Do not overuse hashtag 

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