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Hello there, before starting about feature of ECOMMERCE STORE BUILDER we should know about what is MoreCustomersApp.

MoreCustomersApp is an eCommerce Website/Store Builder tool. Where you can build your eCommerce store just in three steps [Download, Install and register with relevant category of your eCommerce Store is ready]. 

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So what is an eCommerce Website/Store?

e-Commerce, also known as e-Business, or electronic business, is simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium, like the Internet. It also involves electronically transferring data and funds between two or more parties. Simply put, it is online shopping as we commonly know it. Ref: Cyberchimps

Now, if you have a business of selling products but you do not have any eCommerce Store/Website, so might be you will lose some audience. because nowadays most people are approach online shopping. eCommerce businesses are becoming so popular because there are different advantages like it will open 24*7 or it will cover a wide area.  In a Physical Store, you cannot reach more people. Somewhere else your audience will be narrow because you are fixed on a specific area. So Build your eCommerce Store, reach more audience/Customers and expand your business through the eCommerce market. 

Guidance of  How to start an eCommerce Store 

STOP STOP STOP !!! Just creating an eCommerce Store is not enough, Managing and marketing are also essential if you want to make it Successful. Now the question comes how we can manage eCommerce Store easily who will help, which ECOMMERCE STORE BUILDER tool is good for this.  Now, here are 5 unique features of MoreCustomersApp that will help you in easy management or controlling of eCommerce Store and instance marketing.

  • Easy to control your WebStore
  • Real-Time Visitors Report 
  • eCommerce Selling 
  • Inventory 
  • Add variant 

1. Easy to control your WebStore

Easy to Control and Manage Ecommerce Website

Thanks to technology and tools which makes website development easy and fast. So nowadays creating an eCommerce Store is not a big task or rocket science but the challenging part is controlling or managing your online Store. Most of the people think yes I can create an eCommerce Store but how I will manage it, How I will control or monitor the website. But No need to worry because MoreCustomersApp makes your task very easy from a single platform. It will give you all website management features on your phone so you can manage from anywhere, anytime.

First, create your eCommerce store with MoreCustomersApp, In just 3 Step Process Install, Register, Select Category and your website is ready.

You can manage and control it from your phone or anywhere. If suppose you are out of station or in the marriage of relatives no need to worry, manage your website from where you are it’s all about your phone. 

Add a product or multiple products at a time from your phone and market it instantly on social media so your potential customers can see and buy.

Track your orders, manage products and customers, change the look and feel of your eCommerce Store, marketing and analysis of the behavior of your Store and Customers. 

2. Real-Time Visitors Report

Suppose that you are adding products and sharing posts regularly on social media but you are not able to find what result you are getting after your effort. You are not able to find your efforts direction, Which one is going in the right direction and which one is in Wrong. Is it going in the right direction? For Analysis and monitoring of effort, you will have to know how much traffic you are getting in your store? How many customers are coming on your website or going from your site without buying anything? What’s the view of post and Product? 

Here, MoreCustomersApp provides an effective dashboard that gives daily Visitors data on eCommerce Store like how many unique users you are getting every day, your post review and which post getting more attention and review of a post. View data in the graph so you can take the decision for your marketing strategy.

3. Enable Online Selling

Enable online selling is a strong feature of MoreCustomersApp. So the question will come in your mind HOW? 

Let’s understand from an example: As we discussed, the eCommerce Store will open 24*7 so when you can close for a while if you want. 

You are on a vacation with family and friends for enjoyment and you do not want to receive sales in your vacation time. At that time by using enable online shopping feature you can close your eCommerce Store for a while. Just disable the button and your store sales will close for a while. And enable it when you are free for receiving sales.  

See the below image of what will happen when you do enable disable online selling options.

Online Selling : An advance ecommerce feature

4. Allow user when product is out of stock

Manage your inventory with MoreCustomersApp. If you have an idea about an available product in your stock then add product quantity in inventory. If you do not have any idea of the number of products available in Stock at that time set inventory according to your guess and allow a user to buy when the product is out of stock. In this scenario, the user will be able to buy when the product out of stock and the system will notify you about an order. 

Allow User when product out off stock

5. Variant Management

Variant Management in Ecommerce Store

Variant management features will work best if you have different variations of products at different prices. 

Let’s understand from an example suppose that you are selling shirts in different variants [like size and color] and you have subvariant [like L, XL, XXL] and the price is different according to size. Manage these variants and subvariant easily with MoreCustomersApp. Define your product in different ways and price. 

Example of variant of online clothing store

How to define the specification of eCommerce Product


We have discussed the 5 strong pillars of MoreCustomersApp which will keep the eCommerce Store on top. Now not only eCommerce website creation is easy, Manage and control your eCommerce website easily.  Now it’s easy to add, update and delete a product from your store, easy to manage inventory, Order and customers and post which will help to eCommerce Store for better performance. We have discussed how easy to build eCommerce Website with help of ECOMMERCE STORE BUILDER tool.  

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