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Here is a way to increase your ONLINE ECOMMERCE SALES

Every E-commerce business wants to increase its revenue…The question is, how you do it?

Instead of make drastic changes to your marketing strategy for your online store, all it takes to test everything without assuming anything.

That’s because after spending this much year on the internet, you never know what strategy works best for you…until you test it. Even this applies to your key strategies because there’s always room for improvement.

This is conversion optimization. The goal behind this is to increase the percentage of website visitors that converted into regular buyers. For new online businesses, conversion optimization is essential, as it will help you maximize the visitors of your website that turn into leads or customers.

This guide will tell you how to increase your online sales with some basic strategy which you can immediately implement while doing conversion optimization

1. Send out ‘wishlist on sale’ emails

Most of the online buyers add a product to a wishlist for buying later. The wishlist reminder email is closely related to cart email. Both are designed to convince the buyer to purchase the products they have shown aim to buy. Most of the buyer loves a discount, it makes sense to tell your customers when the product they’ve liked is about to go out of stock or on sale to encourage them to buy it.

It may be the trigger they need to finally purchase the product on a wishlist. This motivates buyers and helps minimize regret—no one wants to accidentally miss out on a product they like.

2. Product videos are a must –

According to stats, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a product descriptive video.

Every vendor cannot afford a professional product video for every product, but you can create on your own with a video creating software.

90% of online buyers say that product videos are effective in the decision-making process. So, It’s an easy way to improve conversions. And if you can’t do it for every product, then you can create it for their top-selling products and product with high revenue.

3. Make special deals stand out

Many times the E-commerce website is not organized in a perfect manner. So, many buyers end up milling your offers. We know that special deals help you increase your revenue.

To assure that your offers are not getting lost in oblivion, highlight your special deals in such a way that buyers can see your deals.

Here’s an option to do that –

Use popups to promote your special deals – While designing the pop-ups, make sure that it stands out and attractively visible to your customer.

Use an info bar or header at the top of your page – It is an effective way to promote your special deals and boost your conversions. You can display them to all your website visitors.

Use sidebars – If you want an alternative option for promoting your offer instead of headers or popup, you can use sidebars to display your special offer to the buyer.

So, use your offer to get more conversions. Also, try the A/B test about where to place your offer to capture your audience’s attention and promote accordingly.

4. Customer Satisfaction

To increase the revenue and sales for your online store, you also need to prove that your brand is trustworthy and has a history of satisfied customers. It will be in the form of industry awards, case studies, reviews, and testimonials.

This is quite important for a new business that want to establish itself in a short period.

In fact, a survey found that 84% of online shoppers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.

Also, product reviews increase the conversion rate. Having more customers review encourage a buyer to purchase that product without any second thought about the quality or anything.

5. Use a Call-to-Action Button –

Measuring conversion rates is essential to online eCommerce sales

. Also, it’s important to optimize where your conversion takes place. There is no successful marketing strategy if there is no call-to-action button.

A call-to-action is a key element of a page that redirects the user and tells the user to do a specific activity. You can set Call- to – action button as per your business requirement. For example, it could be Buy Now, Add to Cart, signup button. Also, the call-to-action button used for other things, such as subscribe to a mail, follow a social media page, etc.

You can use this in a more technical manner. For example, if you are running a campaign to increase the download of your app then you can directly redirect your customer to play store using a call-to-action button. Just try to optimize your call-to-action button as much as possible.

6. Create an abandoned cart email campaign

Abandoned Cart Flow is a crucial marketing strategy that helps to increase your revenue. This is an email (or series of emails) sent to online visitors, who adds a product to their cart but then leaves without buying a product.

But, there is very few businesses are using re-marketing emails effectively. Most of these marketers are sending just one email to remind the online buyer about their abandoned products and their incomplete purchase. The fact is that not every abandoned product can be recovered in the first attempt. The survey states that sending a series of emails to convert 26% higher than campaigns that send one email.

So it’s important to build a cart recovery email strategy once to increase conversions and then go to work for you on autopilot.

Conclusion –

Probably, you have discovered ways to enhance your online eCommerce sales 

Remember, increasing the sales of your online store doesn’t mean spending huge resources on promotion and advertisement. Doing simple things such as calls-to-action, images, video, and email marketing—can be enough to increase your profits.

If it increases your conversions, keep doing it. If it isn’t, proceed to another tactic to boost your revenue.

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