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11 Tips on How to Sell Grocery Online with MoreCustomersApp?

Sell grocery online

In response to Covid-19 and the subsequent lockout, several business owners closed their doors. Instead, they saw how successful internet grocery shopping might be. It wasn’t lost on them that there was money to be made in the grocery delivery app industry. The largest online grocery retailers saw a dramatic increase in orders, leading to massive revenues. Because of these advantages, company owners are investing more time and energy into developing online grocery stores. They come up with the idea to launch an app or web-based supermarket to sell groceries online. You don’t happen to be one of them, do you?

Do you have any idea what inspired you to start an online grocery store? In that case, keep reading to see why. If you want to build a successful grocery delivery app or online supermarket, you need to know what features customers care about.


Why create an online grocery store/grocery delivery app business?

An online supermarket was made possible because of customer demand. The simplicity of online grocery delivery applications has led to their widespread adoption. From 2020 to 2027, the online grocery delivery market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.8%. Online grocery sales are expected to reach $129.72 billion by 2023, accounting for 10% of total grocery purchases, according to research from eMarketer. As a result, there is a growing confidence in online grocery stores. Online grocery business profits are also heavily influenced by smartphone applications. Thus, the advantages of selling groceries online are dwindling in the modern information age. It’s no secret that millennials all around the world have flocked to online grocery stores. Reason being: the time, money, and thanks they get from using an online grocery delivery service.

How to register with MoreCustomersApp?

With every update of MoreCustomersApp, they look for new methods to facilitate your work processes. They are here to answer any and all of your concerns and to serve as a reliable resource from the beginning of developing your own website all the way through to delivering your wares to your clients. Nothing here requires you to operate on pure guesswork.

First Step: Sign Up

  • To begin your free trial, either choose Get 14-Day Trial from the main menu, or click the Start Free Trial link at the top of the page.
  • Just fill in your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Password.
  • Put in your shop’s name here.
  • Customers will paste this URL into their browsers to access your shop.
  • Initiate a store by selecting “Create Your Store.”

Second step: Make sure that your email address is legit.

  • Your email address will be asked to verify receipt of a verification email. Check the inbox you used to sign up for MoreCustomersApp in case you have a message there.
  • Verify your email and access your MoreCustomersApp Dashboard using the URL provided. Please note that this URL has a one-time usage only.
  • Please check your Spam or Junk mail bin if you haven’t gotten an email. To ensure future correspondence reaches your inbox, please confirm this message as not spam by selecting the checkbox.

Step three: Getting Started

  • Once you’ve set up your business, you may refer to the “On Boarding Tips” on the dashboard to finish the setup process in one go, or you can do it piece by piece as you go.
  • The “Visit Website” and “Go to Editor” links on the left side of the dashboard will take you to your site.


Tips to sell grocery online

Listed below are some unique selling points to sell grocery online that set apart one online grocery store from another. We have figured out some of the greatest features required to make a wonderful grocery online shop, starting with the home page and ending with the admin dashboards.

  • Welcome Popup

Only the eCommerce Marketplace or the Multi-Store Grocery eCommerce Platform like MoreCustomersApp provide this function. Popup windows can be used in many ways like New offer promotion, Free shipping offer, Important Notice or any message you need to communicate to your visitors. PopUps help your store generate leads and eventually convert them into sales and bring benefits to your business. In case the consumer has any questions, the popup may also provide them with contact details for customer service.

  • Slider Banner

To be successful online, you need to constantly remind them of the main reasons they should stick around. Here is the sweet spot on your website for a slider banner advertising your latest bargains, discounts, and main message. Clickable banners help visitors reach their product faster.

  • Search Functionality

Finding products is the primary function of online stores, hence their search functions are essential. When there are thousands of items available for purchase on a website, search becomes an essential function. Your site may include the essential auto-suggest functions, as well as the capability of adding goods to the cart from search listing with just one click, eliminating the need to navigate to the product page.

  • Register/Sign-In

Use common phrases like “New User,” “Sign Up,” or “Register” when referring to the sign-up and login processes to reduce friction. Add a banner to your site to inform visitors about the exclusive offers they may get after signing up. Registration processes that require a valid phone number may help combat spam and limit the creation of duplicate accounts by individual users living in the same household. Assign separate pages for registration and login. In addition, you may provide the option for users to sign up using their social media accounts.

  • Product Page

While it’s true that allowing customers to add items directly from a catalogue might boost conversions, the power of the product page, which gives them access to more information like reviews and pricing, remains unaffected. Your website’s design should be focused only on presenting information that is both useful and attractive.

  • Add to Cart

The fundamental function of every online store is the “#Add to Cart” button, which allows customers to add items to a virtual shopping cart before completing the checkout process and making a payment. Adding a distinguishing feature may boost performance in this area. You may, for instance, move the necessary items to the page footer. The new items are typically shown in a sidebar on most eCommerce sites. We’ll let you experiment and figure out whether or not putting the cart icon in the footer as a bar is helpful to users.

  • Hot Selling Products

In order to achieve your loftiest business goals, you need to shine a light on your best-selling items. A “Hot Selling Products” section that highlights your site’s most popular items is one way to do this.

  • Checkout Feature

The checkout page needs careful planning to ensure that the location of all adding the listing of goods, quantity, and charges is ready in advance.

 Special features include: 

  1. Make it simple for customers to abandon their carts here.
  2. Allow customers to add more of a certain item to their cart before finalizing their purchase. Adding a “plus” sign next to the supply box so that the user may increase the quantity by clicking on the sign is a great idea. There has to be an action-inducing hue assigned to the “add quantity” button (like green).
  3. It’s vital to highlight the following step by changing the colour of the “Proceed to Payment” button.
  4. Finally, you may include a feature that allows users to redeem discount vouchers or coupon coupons. We think this section has to be before the Proceed payment choice.
  • Chat support

 To really succeed, you must prioritize developing a personal relationship with your clientele, and chat support is a great way to do just that. This need is met by making real-time chit-chat functional across all of a website’s pages. In this instant messaging service, customers may ask any grocery-related questions they may have of the service’s representatives.

  • Payment Options

Among the many possible methods of payment you might provide are:

  1. Payment in full upon receipt of goods (COD)
  2. Banking Via the Internet
  3. Payment using a credit card or debit card

In addition, a feature like reward points, which can be used for discounts on groceries purchased at your shop, may help to foster consumer loyalty. Consistency in the way your business is represented online is crucial to attracting and retaining consumers.

  • User reviews

It’s a well-known truth that first-time buyers place a high value on recommendations from those who have already made purchases. If your online shop has a section dedicated to customer feedback, it will do wonders for both brand loyalty and customer trust.


With that in mind, the above mentioned are some quick tips for launching your online supermarket. Finding the right script or platform that has many capabilities to launch your super-marketplace to sell online like never before may also is lucrative.

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